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Chrome - Gold

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Majestick πŸ¦„ permanent vinyl will take your projects to the next dimension.

Wow your customers, make personalised gifts and hand crafted designs with Majestick permanent vinyl exclusive to Maker Supply Co.

Matte Chromes have a Satin finish with a silver backing and comes in 5 different colours.

Chrome offers a bright reflective colour with a silver backing. Rose Gold Chrome has a protective clear sheet which needs to be removed prior to cutting.

Perfect for hard smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood & plastic this will be your new go to vinyl.Β 

Beautiful to use and easy to weed. Suitable for use with Medium TackΒ transfer tape. Check our recommended cut settings below.

Cut setting: Premium vinyl- pearl

Width 30cm.

Thickness 0.09mm

Smooth surfaces are best, test first to be sure your material is suitable.